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Personal training Southport

At Verite Fitness Studio Hoghton St

Verite Fitness is Southport's premier Personal Training Studio. From our private fitness suite and gym we offer one to one personal training, group PT sessions and low volume fitness classes.

We have a unique way of training our clients, Our Fitness Training puts an equal focus on fitness and nutrition along with looking at your lifestyle and guiding you to make the changes you need. We do this in a fun but structured way to help you achieve your fitness and life goals as quickly as possible while having fun and staying motivated.

We all have the potential to achieve personal training, fitness and health goals. Achieving these goals will give you the confidence, energy and clarity of mind to enjoy life to its fullest and make the most out of every day.

At verite fitness we believe personal training should help you "be what you were born to be" and we also believe we should be helping you stay there.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Christian Verite

Founder and Head Personal Trainer

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Who Are We

Verite Fitness was founded by Christian Verite in 2008 and continues to offer personal training and group PT sessions in our Southport Studio. We Train with th idea that all of us have the potential to be our best with the right help and advice. We have grown from one personal trainer in 2008 based at several third party gyms around the Southport area to having multiple trainers and members of staff training and running fitness classes from our private studio located in the heart of Southport town centre.

From here we now offer varied forms of group PT sessions, yoga classes, pilates classes and continue to offer Southport's premier personal training strategy 'The Verite Fitness Method' helping our clients to be the best they can be.

Wanting to offer our clients more, we have brought beauty and men's grooming services to the same location. Verite Beauty brings the best beauty treatments in Southport to our Verite fitness clients and anyone else looking to make themselves look and feel a little more special for an event or every day of the week. Verite Fitness and Beauty now offers the best comprehensive range of fitness and beauty products available at the same location in Southport and the surrounding area.

We plan to offer more classes and varied forms of training along with bringing the Verite Fitness Method to other locations across northwest and further afield.

Train with a partner or friend for only £5 EXTRA per session!

Increased Motivation, Reduced Cost

Everyone deserves to benefit from personal training with Verite Fitness

Take a Closer Look

Train with a partner or friend for only £5 EXTRA per session!

Increased Motivation, Reduced Cost

Everyone deserves to benefit from personal training with Verite Fitness

Take a Closer Look

Nutrition With Verite Fitness

Ok we all want to look and feel good and have the body we desire. Some of us choose to believe it's not possible because of our genetics and busy lifestyles. The truth is, there are many things we cannot control in our lifestyle but what we can choose to take care of ourselves.

Ask yourself... do you want to lose weight, burn fat, create and build lean muscle, boost your metabolism and increase your energy? Well what if I tell you that stabilizing your blood sugar and you can achieve these goals.

If you can stabilize your blood sugar levels (the glucose in your blood) with the right food, you create balance (homeostasis) which will allow your body to release stored body fat, toxins and excess sodium, while protecting lean muscle mass and igniting metabolism.

This is how it works, whenever you over-eat or indulge in a carbohydrate or a heavy meal, your blood sugar spikes) and your body stores fat.

The opposite happens when you skip a meal, eliminate carbohydrates or calories your body needs or work out on an empty stomach. Blood sugar drops far too low and your body is forced to burn lean muscle mass for fuel in place of body fat, and slows your metabolism down.

The Verite Fitness Method Nutritional Programme Design

Nutrition is all about getting the right balance of macronutrients (Protein, Carbohydrates and fats) within the correct number of Kcal in each meal your eat. This Kcal figure is calculated to your Lean body mass which gives us the correct calorie intake that your body reacquires to maintain an energy balance. Whatever your goal is altering your food intake based on this personal nutritional balance is key to achieving that goal and achieve permanent results

The Verite Fitness Method will allow your to

Burn body fat
Protect and increase lean muscle mass
Eliminate sugar (carbohydrate) cravings
Boost your energy
Break through stubborn plateaus

Its Not a Diet, Its not a programme its a LIFEStyle

There is a hundreds of different exercise programs available for individuals interested in becoming thinner, losing weight and boosting their personal health. Choosing the right fitness & Life Style programme can seem like a daunting task. However, choosing the right fitness & Lifestyle programme is one of the most critical steps in any sort of lifestyle change.

The VERITE FITNESS THREE STEPS PROGRAMME of identifying your goals, nutrition and exercise programme will show you how to choose the right Lifestyle that fits with you to help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.

Verite Fitness will choose the right fitness programme that best suits you. We need to find a fitness programme with exercise that you enjoy.

The program that I will design for you will stand doing through the test of time.

Christian Verite

Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

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