How i lost 7 stone & how you can do the same!

How did i lose 7 stone?
I ate less and Moved more
it really is that simple.
Those 5 words don’t really do justice for how hard physically and mentally it is, when you have been inactive and eating the wrong foods for most of your life!
First thing you have to realise is YOU got yourself into the position you’re in and only YOU have the power to change.
Second is set a goal, mine was to fit into a small shirt id purchased from my workplace.
You need to do the same set a goal weight you want to get down to and a timeframe, this will keep you accountable and motivated to achieve said goal.
Be more active, the more you move the greater calories you burn;
I got myself a full time job which forced me to move more, I prepped food to take to work instead of wasting my money on takeouts. Then i began cycling to work and home also upping my daily activity therefore BURNING MORE CALORIES 🙂
Stop snacking on high sugary foods, these wont fill you ;
I cut out snacking completely and didn’t eat anything between my three main meals of the day:
If i needed to snack because i was uncomfortably hungry i ONLY snacked on fruit.
Drink PLENTY of Water most people don’t realise you should be drinking on average 3 Litres of water a day;
I began drinking water by the litre which kept me fuller for longer in between meals and most importantly kept me hydrated and full of energy.
Stop looking for a fast Fix, there isn’t one nothing on today’s market is going to make you magically lose weight and keep that weight off;
I didn’t take ANY supplements whether it be weight loss pills, weight loss shakes or buy any Dieting cookbooks.
Eat Nutritional complex foods;
Everyone knows that Fruit, Veg, white meats and ground grown carbohydrates are healthy so that’s what i based my food on.
I kept by meals simple with foods i liked to eat and then allowed myself a treat at the end of the week.
Keep track of your weight and take pictures weekly/fortnightly to ensure you’re on-track to reach your goal;
I kept track of my weight by monthly weigh-ins and simpy the fit of my clothes, my goal was to fit into a small t-shirt i bought from my workplace and eventually i did.
Wise-up on your Nutrition;
I lost 5 stone form eating better and being more active alone without stepping into the gym, you can do the same.
Now there is a world of information out there for weight loss at your fingertips so use it! You need to be focused and Driven to reach the goal you’ve set.
If you need help with motivation and information find a local Personal Trainer, we are here to ensure you train safely, make the right decisions regarding nutrition and improve your lifestyle for the better.
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