I don’t know anyone who really enjoys doing Burpees. Whoever invented them must have had a very sadistic personality. However I think Burpees get a bit of a bad press. They are a superb exercise (even though people have nightmares about them). So why should we bite the bullet and be at peace with the Burpee? Here are 5 reasons you should embrace one of the most effective exercises around: 1. They are a full body exercise! Anything that works your whole body can only be good, right? It’s functional fitness at it’s best. 2. They are great for burning fat! Burpees are made to burn calories and are a superb component of any HIIT session. Want to burn lots of calories in a short space of time? Burpees are for you! 3. They are an excellent way of conditioning your body and improving general fitness! Perfect for people who take part in sports or who want to increase the intensity of their training. If getting fitter and healthier is your goal, then burpees are for you! 4. You can do them anytime, anywhere! You don’t need any fancy equipment or gym facilities to be able to do them. So there is no excuse for not practicing them! That way, when the pressure is on and you’re doing them in the gym, you’ll look like a pro! 5. You can easily incorporate them into your training regime! Burpees dont take up much time to do. 3 sets of 30 seconds is usually enough to get your heart racing and the blood pumping. Therefore, you can easily slot them in between other exercises in your training routine without disrupting your usual rhythm. So there you are, burpees really are great! Learn to love them, and reap the rewards! Be all you can be. Sean

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