Verite Fitness was founded by Christian Verite in 2008 and continues to offer personal training and group PT sessions in our Southport Studio. We Train with the idea that all of us have the potential to be our best with the right help and advice. We have grown from one personal trainer in 2008 based at several third party gyms around the Southport area to having multiple trainers and members of staff training and running fitness classes from our private studio located in the heart of Southport town centre. From here we now offer varied forms of group PT sessions, yoga classes, pilates classes and continue to offer Southport’s premier personal training strategy ‘The Verite Fitness Method’ helping our clients to be the best they can be. about us verite fitness and beautyWanting to offer our clients more, we have brought beauty and men’s grooming services to the same location. Verite Beauty brings the best beauty treatments in Southport to our Verite fitness clients and anyone else looking to make themselves look and feel a little more special for an event or every day of the week. Verite Fitness and Beauty now offers the best comprehensive range of fitness and beauty products available at the same location in Southport and the surrounding area. We have planes to offer more classes and varied forms of training and opening more locations to bring the Verite Fitness Method to other ears within the northwest and further afield.