The Verite Foundation is committed to offering help and advice on fitness and nutrition in the pursuit of a healthier, longer disease free life. We believe that a combination of the right exercise and a change in diet can make all the difference to your life for the better. Verite Foundation Logo

The Verite Foundation was set up after my father died of cancer at a relatively young age. Following his diagnosis, I began to question both conventional medicine, as well as my own knowledge regarding nutrition, and I starting looking for alternative ways to help him fight the disease.

The research and evidence surrounding the relationship between diet and cancer, plus many other diseases is actually as clear as day. Essentially, latest studies are more and more proving that the Standard American Diet, which most of us in the UK follow, is in fact more detrimental to our health than originally thought. High protein, dairy and sugar in our diets are fuelling chronic illnesses that require medical and pharmaceutical intervenient on an ongoing basis.

At Verite Fitness, you will find real-life stories, as well as up-to-date information on health, fitness and nutrition. We can suggest alternative ways to choose what we nourish our bodies with, as well as different ways to cook and prepare the food we eat. I am able to share my experiences of my father’s journey through cancer, the changes we made to his diet and the benefits he gained through following a nutritional understanding and lifestyle change.

The Verite Foundation is offering two FREE lifestyle assessments & five personal training sessions every month to anybody that suffers with the following: diabetes, cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure or any other chronic illness. This will give you the opportunity to learn how eat a healthier diet alongside a tailored-made fitness program with one of our personal trainers. We hope this will help you to embark upon a lifestyle that will have a positive effect on your condition.

So long as you can provide medical evidence of your condition, and have a doctor’s letter saying that you can take part in physical exercise, you can qualify for this offer. To be considered, all you need to do is tell us about yourself.

Christian Verite

Founder, Verite Foundation