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Verite Horizon online training is a unique way to experience the awesome benefits of Verite Fitness online, wherever you are, whatever time and across the world. With the help of Verite Fitness, you will receive progress tracking, nutritional plans and training. In addition to this, you will also have a great chance to acquire a complete online training experience with Verite Horizon.

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Whats Verite Fitness Online Training

It’s training via an app, it’s not an app training you

Verite Horizon incorporates all nutrition plans and training programmes of Verite Fitness into a complete online training experience. We completely believe that we are the best online fitness solution that is available today.

When it comes to muscle building, strength & conditioning and fat loss, the nutrition plans and programmes of Verite Fitness have the ability to monitor and track your progress. Apart from this, you will have a chance to acquire professional advice from our Verite Fitness team.

Why Use Verite Horizon

How Does Online Training Work?

Our training plans work with the knowledge and support of our professional Verite Fitness trainer. Our training plans are based on muscle building and fat loss.

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or a beginner, our Verite Fitness programmes will offer you dietary and fitness plans to push you the right amount to help and assist you to meet your fitness goals.

Verite Horizon offers the best and excellent nutrition plans and training programmes for you. We guarantee you that we will be by your side when you have any concerns and when you decide to step things up.

How to use Verite Horzion

Why Use our Online Training?

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If you want to begin your journey with us, all you have to do is to click sign up on our website. After that, you can set up your very own account and at the same time you need to download our personal app and you will immediately receive Verite Nutrition plans and Fitness programmes.

Since it is live and real, it’s just like Verite Fitness is in your pocket. We completely understand that life get hectic and busy. Finding your free time to train each week can be very tricky. With the use of Verite Horizon, we will be there to answer all your questions that you need to know. We have a trainer messaging system wherein our one of our expert trainers can answer your question to help you reach your fitness objective in no time. It is available on your phone, tablet and laptop. This will enable you to train when you have your free time or during your day off.

Our workout plans contains unique and effective exercise combinations that are creatively designed and intended for you. Our nutritional plan is also designed to help you acquire your fitness goal. We also have progress monitoring that will record your progress and the result was tracked. Aside from this, we also have direct communication that comes with built-in posting system and messaging feedback. For more details about our online training program, contact us at 44+ 1704 620992 or send us an email at fit@veritefitness.co.uk


Workouts Plans

Unique exercise combinations designed for you



A nutrition plan designed to your goals


Progress Monitoring

Your progress is recording and result tracked



Built-in messaging feedback and posting system

Online Personal Training with Verite Fitness

Verite Fitness training plans for every goal – Support from personal trainer – Calculated calories & micronutrients meal plan

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