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Verite Fitness Online Personal Training

Spreading the Verite Fitness Training across the Globe

Verite Fitness online personal training is away of personal training you wherever you are in the world. Using Zoom technology we will be able to train you from our gym in Southport, England to your front room or your local gym. Verite Fitness will curate a 12 week programme and will track your progress and give you nutritional support and guidance you need.

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Verite Online Training

Whats Verite Fitness Personal Training

It’s training with Verite Fitness, Via Zoom technology.

Verite Fitness incorporates a 12 week training programme. We completely believe that we can give you the best online personal training experience available today. When it comes to muscle building and fat loss.

Why Use Online Training

How Does Online Personal Training Work?

Our training plans work with the knowledge and support of our professional personal trainers. Our training plans are based on muscle building and fat loss.

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or a beginner, our programmes will offer you the dietary support and fitness plans to push you with the right amount of help and guidance. So you will meet your fitness goal.

How to use Online Training

Why Use our Online Personal Training?

All the benefits of Verite Fitness personal training from any location.

If you want to begin your journey with us, all you have to do is to Book a Consultation via our website. If you would like any more information about our online personal training please contact us at 44+1704 620992 or send us an email at fit@veritefitness.co.uk


Workouts Plans

Unique exercise combinations designed for you


Nutrition Plan

A nutrition plan designed to your goals


Progress Monitoring

Your progress is recording and result tracked


Direct Communication

Built-in messaging feedback and posting system

Live Online Personal Training with Verite Fitness

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Live Online Personal Training with Verite Fitness

Block of 10 sessions £260

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Live Online Personal Training with Verite Fitness

Block of 20 sessions £500

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Online Personal Training with Verite Fitness

Unlimited Access to Verite Fitness Programmes for £50 a month

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