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Verite Fitness is Christian’s online personal training this is the budget-friendly way to work with the body composition trainer expert. This platform is designed to help you transform your body whether you’re in the world.

Online Personal Training with Christian @ Verite Fitness

£50 a month

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Verite Online Training

The Muscle Building & Fat Loss Training Plans.

Help you build muscle and achive fat loss at the gym. I’ve designed 12 week programmes based on how many times a week you can train to achive the above results.

Why Use Online Training

Access your Verite Fitness workouts via our app!

Follow your training plan, nutrition plan and recipe booklets & read the Verite Fitnees ebook on how to follow your nutrition & workout plan via your mobile phone.

How to use Online Training

Why Choose Online Personal Training & how it works?

When you sign up you will recive an email to download mypt hub app this is the software which Verite Fitness use and on this app or online account. You will have access to your first 12 week progamme deppending on your online questinare asking your gym avalibility and how many days you can train per week. If you would like any more information about our online personal training please contact me on 44+1704 620992 or send me an email at fit@veritefitness.co.uk


Workouts Plans

Unique exercise combinations designed for you


Nutrition Plan

A nutrition plan designed to your goals


Progress Monitoring

Your progress is recording and result tracked


Direct Communication

Built-in messaging feedback and posting system

Online Personal Training with Christian @ Verite Fitness

£50 a month

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