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Regardless of your fitness level or age, Verite Fitness can provide a bespoke nutritional plan and fitness program tailored to your exact needs. As Southport’s premier personal training studio, we have a fully featured gym and private fitness studio where we provide our fitness method of training in low volume fitness classes, one to one personal training and group training sessions. When you sign up, you will work with a personal trainer Southport who will guide and give the support you need to finish your program. We are here to teach you how to exercise properly and safely and learn what nutritional plan works for you while achieving results. Your progress will be monitored and you will be given valuable resources, so you can be confident and successful even without a personal trainer.

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Unique Personal Training Method

With our unique personal training method, you are assured that your personal training Southport will be a success. We offer the perfect combination of nutrition and fitness when creating a personal training plan. To do this, we assess your lifestyle to help you make the necessary changes and ensure that your PT sessions are fun, inspiring and optimally designed to meet your fitness goals. Expect our training programs to improve your cardiovascular fitness, coordination, skeletal system, immune system, muscle strength, tone and endurance, energy and stamina.

Our personal training programs are also designed to reduce tension, depression, stress, anxiety, cholesterol levels, body fat stores and blood pressure. You can be what you want to be and we are here to help you achieve that! Once you attain your dream body, we will be there to help you maintain your new found fitness.

Who We Are

Verite Fitness started offering Personal training in our private Southport studio in 2008. Our team of professional trainers and staff members is driven by the same goal – to provide personal training with the knowledge that everyone can be their best with the right advice and assistance. We conduct small group personal training and Six Week Bootcamps Southport classes to help our clients achieve their fitness goals. Whether it is for weight loss, increasing muscles or improving fitness, we are here to help.

Our desire to give better services to our clients encouraged us to offer beauty and men’s grooming services as well. Verite Beauty provides the best beauty treatments in the heart of Southport town centre to our clients and those who want to look and feel more special. Verite Fitness and Beauty also offers a wide range of fitness and beauty products at reasonable prices.

We are planning to conduct more classes and diverse forms of training to meet everyone’s unique needs and bringing our unique Verite Fitness Method to other locations to help those who want to stay fit.

Train with a partner or friend for the same price as a One 2 One Session!

Increased Motivation, Reduced Cost

Everyone deserves to benefit from personal training with Verite Fitness

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Group Personal Training


Personal fitness training is ideal for indviduals who wanted to achieve optimal fitness through custom made workout plans and fitness classes that ideally suit your limitations, needs and aspirations. Whether you are already a seasoned exerciser or a beginner, personal fitness training certainly helps you reach your welllness and fitness goals. If you wanted to get started now together with other people who also wanted to get towards the path to finest fitness, our group training and group exercise classes are great way to start. We provide Quality and Effective Group Training classes.

Group Personal Training

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