What is the key to a successful training program? CONSISTENCY. What is the key to successful weight loss? CONSISTENCY. What is the key to successful muscle gain? CONSISTENCY. What is the key to successful nutrition? CONSISTENCY. What is the key to ingraining health and fitness into your lifestyle, feeling better for it and getting the best results you can get? CONSISTENCY. Can you see a pattern starting to emerge? So why is being consistent the key to all these things? Being consistent creates habit. So when health and fitness becomes a habit and an important part of your lifestyle, you’re already onto a winner. Training at the same times and days each week (when possible) is a big head start here. In terms of training, consistency is important for several reasons. If you try and do lots of different exercises every session and don’t follow a solid, structured workout plan, your body will never be able to adapt to the strain you’re putting it under, therefore you will not get fitter or stronger, and you are unlikely to lose any weight, get stronger or achieve any kind of performance related goal. If you are a beginner to exercise, or only have limited time available, doing two or three full body workouts a week with say six or seven key exercises each session will be much more beneficial to you in the long term. This consistency allows your body to get used to doing these exercises and that means you’ll slowly improve and head towards your end goal. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting for one minute that you should pick a select few exercises and stick with them forever. At least try and stick with them for a few weeks though, and see yourself improve and get more confident with those exercises. Then change and throw in a few different exercises/sessions and stick with them for a few weeks. Stick to this kind of cycle and you won’t go far wrong providing you’re doing suitable exercises for your end goal. People often like loads of variety in every training session as they get ‘bored’. Those people don’t get the results they want in the end. Helter skelter training sessions with no structure or direction, might seen fun, but won’t be fun for long when you don’t achieve the results you want. You’re just wasting time, energy and in most cases money as well. In terms of nutrition, consistency is also key. Work out your macros, create a meal plan or keep a good diary and stick to it. It really is that simple. If you like eating lots of different meals, come up with a weekly food plan and stick to that. Good food prep is massively helpful in keeping you on track here. Make being consistent a priority in your health and exercise mission, and you’ll be a massive step closer to achieving your goals. Be all you can be. Sean

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