We all know about the physical benefits of exercise. Losing weight, increasing cardiovascular performance and building muscle are all things we associate with prolonged periods of consistent exercise. We don’t often consider the psychological benefits of training and physical activity – We should do. Most of us have very busy lives, whether that be with work, education, family or anything else that takes up our time. Occasionally, all of these factors lead us to become worried or anxious, and generally unhappy. This is completely normal. Luckily help is at hand. Exercising regularly has many proven psychological benefits. These include: – Improved mood – Reduced stress – Improved ability to deal with stress – Improved self-esteem – Increased self satisfaction – Improved body image – Increased confidence in physical abilities – Reduce symptoms associated with depression These factors, combined with the physical benefits of exercise all add up to making you feel better in yourself, and able to cope with the demands of every day life. Nothing makes you feel better than a good training session. What are you waiting for? Be all you can be! Sean

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