Most gyms offer fitness classes where groups of people can come together and exercise at the same time under the supervision of an instructor.  These classes are becoming increasingly popular, so what’s all the fuss about, and why should you get involved in them? Here’s 5 reasons why group classes are great: 1. You’ll follow the instructions of a trainer. No more thinking about what exercise to do next or how to do an exercise correctly, just follow the session and reap the rewards! 2. You’ll push yourself harder. If you train on your own, it’s quite easy to give in early or not push yourself as much as you should. In a class, you’re much more likely to work harder, and not give up! 3. You’ll feel part of a team. Taking part in a gym class can feel like a collective effort. From generally making friends and talking to other people in the class, to encouraging each other and pushing others to achieve their goals, it’s a great way of meeting new people! 4. Consistency is key. Classes tend to be on the same days and at the same times every week. Knowing you go to a class at these set times helps you develop the consistency needed to achieve any kind of health or fitness goal. As classes become habit and part of your weekly routine, you’ll get to the point where you’re lost if you miss a session! 5. You’ll enjoy it! Finishing a good/tough class will leave you with a great feeling. Knowing you’ve worked hard and pushed yourself alongside like minded people is superb, and you’ll walk out of the class in a great mood!! So there you are, gym classes are great – get involved! Be all you can be. Sean 

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