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At Verite Fitness, our Group Personal Training classes are ideal if your goal is to take your health and fitness up to a new level, whilst burning fat, building lean muscle and achieving fantastic results. Added to the fact that you can undergo this journey with like-minded people and our professional trainers in our fully equipped private gym – this a winning combination for accomplishing great results. We currently run seven classes each week, giving our clients flexibility and plenty of opportunities to train with us.

Our personal trainer led group sessions are limited to 10 clients per class and will provide you with the perfect opportunity to train safely, lift weights effectively and complete a 10-15 minutes cardio element at the end of each session. You will be shown how to correctly use dumbbells, barbells, weight machines and other equipment – all of which you may not know how to use if you were to go to the gym alone. You will get fitter, stronger and healthier than you’ve ever been. 

If it often easier to exercise in a group as it gives you additional motivation, which you may be lacking. We will integrate you with other clients to work together, help and support each other, whilst simultaneously and most importantly, enjoying your training. 

Regardless of your current fitness levels or ability, we assure you that by joining our Group Training, you will get your entire body moving in a constructive and progressive way – giving you the optimum chance of achieving your goals.

What’s included?
  • Structured training plans
  • Calculated diet plans (calories/macronutrients) with a free e-booklet on how to follow your new diet
  • Supported by Verite Fitness personal trainers
  • Group limited to 10 clients
  • Verite Fitness app (log measurements, food diary, and record workouts)
  • Train in a private gym
  • Six 60 minute session a week to choose from
  • £40 a month for 2 sessions a week
  • £60 a Month for unlimited sessions a week

Monday 6pm,
Tuesday 6:30am & 6pm,
Wednesday 6pm,
Thursday 6:30am & 6pm

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