One of the many benefits of training with Verite Fitness is the exclusive access to our app which is essentially a personalised training diary, consisting of the following features:

  • Nutrition tracker
  • Ability to look back at all of your workouts and the weights you used – great for tracking progress
  • Access to workout plans and training programs
  • Progress pictures
  • Diet plans
  • Direct messaging with your Personal Trainer
  • Shopping List
  • Measurements
  • Access to PDFs such as a High Protein Recipe booklet & Verite Fitness Nutrition Guide

When you have your initial consultation with one of our personal training team, they will take you through a medical questionnaire, take your measurements (waist, hips, etc), weigh you and take progress pictures. All of this information is then uploaded to the app for reference. Every 4 weeks we redo your measurements and progress pictures in order to make comparisons and spot the differences! Scales do not define success – progress pictures can show so much more! We have found that this is the best way to keep our clients accountable.

During each structured session, your personal trainer will be logging how many sets you complete of each exercise and the weights you used. This is an excellent feature within the app as it enables you to track your progress. Additionally, if, on one occasion, you train with a different personal trainer, they will have instant access to your training history and be able to get going straight away and stick to your programme!