Personal fitness trainings are ideal for individuals who wanted to achieve optimal fitness through custom made workout plans and fitness classes that ideally suit your limitations, needs and aspirations. Whether you are already a seasoned exerciser or a beginner, personal fitness training certainly helps you reach your wellness and fitness goals. If you wanted to get started now together with other people who also wanted to get towards the path to finest fitness, our group training and group exercise classes are great ways to start.We Provide Quality and Effective Southport Group Training 


There is really nothing greater than the wonderful feeling of ultimately succeeding with other people around you. With our group training, you can now put your entire physical things into action.

Verite Fitness is one of the leading and trusted names when it comes to quality and effective Southport Group Training. This is a premier studio for personal training offering bespoke Southport fitness classes and programs as well as nutritional plans uniquely catered to your needs. From our most exclusive fitness training studio up to our fully equipped gym, we provide “The Verite Fitness Method of Training” in a one to one personal training, Southport Group Training and low-fitness exercise classes.

Our group training is a fitness class giving you the great opportunity to train with one of our experienced trainers in our private training studio which concentrates on strength conditioning. The sessions are really great especially if you are searching for effective means to burn fat, improve your strength levels and increase muscle tone.

Our group sessions are only limited to only 10 clients for every class giving you the most effective and safest training methods when it comes to lifting weight such as Dumbbells, barbells and performing the Cable Machine exercises. We also use functional equipment during training such as Kettlebells that will surely help your body strengthen up and improve muscle tones however, these also helps you with day to day movements like pulling, pushing, pressing, rotational movements and squatting.

So you will not just see gains on the mirror or feel the improvements on your fitness levels but your daily tasks including climbing stairs, moving heavy boxes and more becomes so much easier. Give our group training session a try.

Our group training can be a means to give you extra motivation that you might be missing. Here at V-Fit, we will not just take part in your regular exercise classes but make you a fundamental part of the session. We also integrate with other people to complete fitness exercises as a team. Regardless of the level or intensity of training, we assure you that you will get your muscles and entire body moving in action and be able to achieve your fitness goals.

What does Southport V-Fit Group Training include: 

  • Structured training plans
  • Calculated diet plans (calories/macronutrients) with free e-booklet on how to follow your new diet
  • Supported by Verite fitness personal trainers
  • Group limited to 10 clients
  • Verite Fitness app (log measurements, food diary, and record workouts)
  • Train in a private gym
  • Seven 50 minute session a week
  • Increase lean muscle, burn body fat and burn calories
  • Suitable for all levels of fitness
  • Amazing Results

Group Training classes costs £10 a class, but is FREE for your first class. We also offer unlimited class sessions membership for £60 a month. To book a class call 01704 620992 or for more information please contact us via email at

V-Fit Group Personal Training

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