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Are you looking for a way to tone up, lose weight and get fit? Or are you someone who just loves training and exercise? Whether you are a totally new to fitness and looking for a great start to your health and fitness journey, or an experienced sportsperson looking for a new challenge or to improve your performance, our 6 week Challenge is an ideal place to start. Our Six Week challenge is here to help you build your confidence and at the same time giving you a clear understanding in terms of exercising no matter what experience or age you have. The six-week course has been specifically designed to help you progress consistently, and by doing a combination of weight training and a cardio circuit at the end of each session, will ensure you see an increase in strength and fitness, and therefore will give you the best chance to achieve fantastic results. .

Taking part in the Six Week Challenge allows you access to up to seven 60 minute sessions per week and gives you the chance to use our fully equipped, private gym. All the classes are taken by one of our professionally qualified trainers, who will help and assist you progress in every exercise correctly and safely. Add to this an incredibly friendly group atmosphere and you will be on to a winning combination to achieve the results you’ve always wanted.

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What you will receive at Southport’s Six-Week Challenge at Verite Fitness?

At Verite Fitness, we want you to achieve the best possible results. We can provide you with all the tools you need to start, and continue your fitness journey. Here are some the ways which we will help you achieve the results you want:
  • Track your progress with Verite Fitness app
  • Train in a fully equipped, private gym
  • Support from professional and certified personal trainers
  • Increase lean muscle, burn body fat and burn calories
  • Nutritional support and how to curate your personal nutritional plans (including calories & macronutrient split & Verite Fitness Nutritional Booklet)
  • Suitable for all levels of fitness
  • Seven 60 minute sessions week
You will receive all this for £99 for the six-week course. If you would like any more information or details about our six-week challenge or how to sign up, please feel free to call us at 01704 620 992 or send us an email at fit@veritefitness.co.uk.


For a long time, I have wanted to join a gym, get fit and lose weight. It was always the same cycle though, sign up, go twice and then never go back. I never knew what to do, I was embarrassed by how I looked and if I was doing it right. When a friend told me about the bootcamps at Verite Fitness, it interested me. I still started with the mindset of “I won’t last here” but I did, 12 weeks down the line and I love it….I love the results even more! I have even started to do one to one PT sessions. I have never been so motivated to succeed. Christian and his team are awesome, always there to push you that bit harder and help you in any way possible. I cannot thank you guys enough! Jo

I really enjoy Bootcamp with Christian and Alan. It brings out my competitive side and motivates me. I can really see and feel the benefits each week, Emily

I really enjoy Bootcamp there is a lovely atmosphere. Christian and Alan are really welcoming and supportive, Fiona

Thanks for your support and nutrition advice Alan, it’s much appreciated and I am really looking forward to the next Bootcamp,  Gemma

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6 Week Bootcamp

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