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Whether your objectives are to burn fat, build lean muscle or to simply be fitter and healthier, Verite Fitness is the place to be. We have a team of proficient personal trainers who are 100% committed to helping our clients to obtain the best results.

So how do we achieve so many great results, time and time again?

We apply tried, tested and proven training programs exclusively designed for our clients. Focused on weight training, our programs will assist you in burning fat and building lean muscle, therefore modifying your body shape and helping you achieve results which you could not replicate on your own. This, combined with the fact that your session will be delivered by one of our extremely competent team who will aid and guide you with their expertise, dedication and knowledge, means that the service you receive will be incomparable.

Not only will you be encouraged to push yourself and progress physically, we will also be on hand to advise on your nutrition.  We do this by calculating your unique calorie and macronutrient requirements and providing you with the knowledge you need to achieve and sustain a healthy and balanced diet.

At the end of each 12-week program, you will have your measurements and progress photo taken again, meaning that we can show you your progress from when you first started at Verite Fitness. Despite each program only being 12 weeks long, that does not mean you can only train with us for that period of time! We have numerous clients who have been part of Verite Fitness for many years. Remember, results are addictive!

The 2 fundamental areas of focus in all of our training services are:

Fat Loss

  • Increase fat loss
  • Maintain muscle mass
  • Reduce your waistline

When commencing a fitness journey, fat loss is a common priority. The majority of people try slimming clubs, go on restricted diets or get drawn in by the latest fad weight loss products. Although, once they uncover that these methods do not lead to sustainable results, they revert back to their old eating and lifestyle habits. At Verite Fitness, we will teach you that regular exercise and a healthy diet is the optimum approach for everyone.

The secret to successful fat loss is a consistent, structured weight training program and a unique, realistic nutritional framework. When you train at Verite Fitness, you will acquire all of the above, whilst also having the added advantage of a Personal Trainer on hand to keep you accountable and on track. We, as your Personal Trainer, want you to achieve excellent results, just as much as you do.

Muscle Building

  • Change your body shape like you never thought possible

The benefits of increased muscle mass are huge for both men and women. The most effective way of increasing lean muscle mass and changing your body shape is by weight training. So why do we prioritise weight training and building muscle?

Essential for fat loss

When you weight train, you build lean muscle tissue. The more lean muscle tissue you have, the faster your basal metabolic rate is, therefore you burn more calories across the day, equating to more efficient fat loss.


There are an incredible amount of variations when it comes to weight training, meaning you’re less likely to get bored (unlike slogging it out on the treadmill for hours and subsequently, not seeing results).

Time efficient

If you do solely cardio, you will eventually have to exercise for longer to get any benefits as your body adapts to the stress you are putting it under. Weight training will take the same amount of time as when you first start. As you improve, we simply make the weights heavier, alter the tempo or intensity, or incorporate supersets to complete an effective workout.

Stronger and more athletic

Weight training can help adapt the body to the daily stresses of everyday life. Due to building muscle, you will look fitter and stronger.

Feel great

As you get stronger, weights get heavier and your body changes, your confidence will go through the roof. Results are addictive. Once you train for a period of time and see the positive results, you will wish you started years ago.

Helps prevent injury

When you weight train correctly, you not only make your muscles stronger, but you also strengthen the ligaments and tendons that keep your body moving. This contributes to helping you stay strong and prevent any aches and pains.

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