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The benefits of increased muscle mass are huge for both men and women. The most effective way of increasing lean muscle mass and changing your body shape to the way you would like it, is weight training. So why do we prioritise weight training and building muscle?
  • It’s essential for fat loss. When you weight train, you’ll build lean muscle tissue. The more lean muscle tissue you have, the faster your basal metabolic rate is, and therefore you will burn more calories across the day. This equates to more efficient fat loss.
  • It’s fun. There are an incredible amount of variations when it comes to weight training exercises, meaning you’re less likely to get bored. Unlike slogging it out on the treadmill for hours and not seeing any results.
  • Its time efficient. If you do solely cardio, you will eventually have to exercise for longer to get any benefits as your body adapts to the stress you are putting it under. Weight training will take the same amount of time as when you first start out. As you improve with us, we will simply make the weights heavier, adjust the tempo or intensity of your workout or incorporate supersets in order to get a great workout in the same period of time.
  • You’ll get stronger and more athletic. Weight training can help adapt the body to the daily stresses and strains of everyday life. Plus, because you’re building muscle, you will look more athletic, fitter and stronger.
  • You will feel great. As you get stronger, the weights you lift get heavier and your body shape changes, your confidence will go through the roof. Results are addictive, and once you weight train properly for a period of time, and you see the positive changes it can bring, you will wish you started years ago.
  • It helps prevent injury. When you weight train correctly, you not only make your muscles stronger, but you also strengthen the ligaments and tendons that keep your body moving on a daily basis. All of this combines to help you stay strong overall and keep those little aches and pains away.

At Verite Fitness, we believe that correct weight training and a healthy diet are essential to long term health or fitness goals. We will provide you with a structured weight training program which you will follow with the help of one of our trainers. We will also provide you with an individual nutritional guide to help you understand your food, and how what you eat and the calories you consume affects your physique.

When you come in for your initial consultation with one of our personal training team, they will take you through a medical questionnaire and get you set up on the Verite Fitness app. After this, they will take your measurements (waist, hips etc), weigh you and also take your photograph. This is our starting point. Then, every week we will fill in a progress tracker form recording your results from week to week. We have found that this is the best way of keeping people accountable.

Each training program we have created is 12 weeks long. At the end of each 12 weeks, you will have your measurements and photo taken again and we can show you your progress from when you first started training with us. Even though each program is 12 weeks long, that doesn’t mean you can only train with us for 12 weeks. We have many clients who have been part of Verite Fitness for many years. Remember, results are addictive!

Start your health and fitness journey today and let us help you achieve the results you’ve always wanted.

If you want to sign up or get more info please call 01704 620992 or email fit@veritefitness.co.uk

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