Fat Loss is what most people want to achieve when it comes to getting healthier, and when they can’t achieve these goals they give up and pile more weight on, and join slimming clubs were they will achieve sum success than fail again. At Verite Fitness I have worked with many clients on this matter and have achieved great results.


I’ll talk to you about your lifestyle and diet. I also look at your exercise history, and put you on the right program that is more suited to your lifestyle. Then I’ll tailor a diet plan using your calories & macronutrients and then we will work on a 12 week programme based on three foundations: a realistic dietary programme, a weight training program to build muscle. And trust me if you follow the program you will see the results quite quickly. And you’ll certainly feel more energised.

The Trainer

As a Personal trainer I’m responsible for applying fundamental exercises and program designed to achieving fat loss & muscle gain goals. As your trainer I will implement and promote the use of safe and effective exercise prescription through appropriate client screening, consultation, and evaluation. I will also help motivate and educate you to improve and maintain muscle and fat loss.


There is a hundreds of different training programs available for individuals interested in becoming thinner, losing weight and boosting muscle growth. Choosing the right training plan & life style can seem like a daunting task. However, choosing the right program & life style is one of the most critical steps in any sort of lifestyle change. I’ll find the right program that best suits you. We need to find a programme with exercises that you enjoy.


Weight training should be a part of every personal training program, using either your own body weight or external weights for resistance. Muscles need to be regularly exercised and stretched to maintain their mobility and elasticity and there’s no better way than working on a dedicated program. The benefits of increased muscle tone – aside from looking good – are important for all-over general health, since many of the body’s organ systems are influenced by muscle fitness.


At Verite Fitness I use a 12 week training program that can be split into a 2 – 4 session a week. This will help fit into your lifestyle and will be able to build muscle & increase strength and tone your muscles. So with weight training, correct use of muscles is all-important. The consequences of anything less can be negative and significant. This is where personal training comes into its own. By working a program one-to-one adapted to your needs and capacity, you will learn how to activate core muscles correctly during exercise.
Laura Bevan
I’ve been a member at Verite Fitness for 11 weeks & can honestly say, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. Immediately, I had positive first impressions as Christian took the time before starting sessions to talk through my history and goals, whilst also taking measurements and progress pictures. I’ve always been obsessed with the scales, but Christian has taught me that the scales don’t define success! Not only is Christian a fantastic PT, he’s also a life coach and friend, who truly cares about the wellbeing of his clients. I’ve had an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise for 5 years, but Christian educates me around the importance of ‘balance’ and is gradually changing my mindset for the better. I love the consistent structure of the sessions, with the ability to aim for PB’s and see gradual performance improvement. He knows exactly when you’re ready to push for that higher weight, without rushing the increase. All sessions are logged on his app so you can look back at previous sessions. During lockdown, I’ve loved my Zoom sessions. Every workout has included a variety of exercises and I’m absolutely exhausted afterwards, in a good way! Prior to starting with Christian, I was obsessed with how many calories I was burning, doing HIIT every day in the first lockdown & feeling guilty if I didn’t do it. Whereas now, I’ve found a love for strength training, understand the importance of rest days and will never turn back. You have to enjoy the exercise you choose to do – it makes such a difference! Christian is extremely knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition, but most importantly, he is so passionate and genuinely cares about you. I look forward to, and thoroughly enjoy, all of my sessions. They’re intense & challenging, but there’s always a good chat and laugh as you go! I would definitely recommend Verite Fitness – whether you are new to exercise or more experienced – they will tailor a programme to suit YOU!
Ian Hill
I have been training with Christian for over 4 years. It all started with just a few sessions to get some new ideas, but I was hooked, seeing my fitness improve greatly with Christian’s training and nutritional advice. It’s been a great journey to see what I am capable of. I recommend him highly if you want to see great results and gain a new, positive outlook on your fitness. The other trainers are great and push you hard too.
Divina Aspinall
I have trained with Christian for over 3 years. He tailors each session to meet my personal needs and mood! Christian kept me fit, healthy and active throughout my pregnancy and snapped me back into shape safely after giving birth too. He keeps me motivated and provides loads of practical advice on making realistic and manageable healthy lifestyle choices too. He’s super!
Peter Finch 
Christian is an excellent personal trainer who has great understanding of fitness and nutrition. He has helped me enormously culminating in completing Tough Mudder 12 mile assault course this year! 
Ian Wright
Where to begin? Christian trained me for the 2012 Mad Dog 10K, and what a great job he did! I lost 3st in weight, and went from struggling to run for two minutes, to running a 56min 10k. He covered diet, technique, strength, endurance, stamina and psychology. I saw Emma when I was having difficulty with my calf muscles; she gave me a wonderful sports massage, I left feeling great, and it did the trick. What a wonderful combination; two wonderfully skilled and special people who have the ability to help change your life for the better.
Tarek Hany
Verite Fitness is an excellent place to get your fitness goals sorted. After my personal training sessions with Christian, I managed to get 11 minutes off my marathon time AND run a second marathon 4 weeks later! AND I am back for more!
Karen Potter
As ever, Christian puts up with our complaining whilst giving us firm encouragement to do the best we can. We are all seeing the benefits and despite it being hard work, we look forward to every session!
Tom O’Malley 
I struggle to think of enough superlatives to do Verite Fitness justice. Christian does much more than the average personal trainer. I trained with Christian for a year before he noticed that I had a back problem. The fact that he noticed this is testament to the attention he pays during training. After returning from surgery, Christian worked closely with my doctor to help strengthen my back. I also went to a physio at this time, however, Verite Fitness honestly provided a better rehabilitation programme than a qualified physio. I owe Verite Fitness a lot – without it, I could have been disabled. If you want a personal trainer who is passionate about his job and who genuinely cares about his clients rather than the pound signs then I advise you to go here. You would be on a fruitless search to find a better personal trainer.
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