Richard loves helping somebody becoming the ultimate in life, it is an extraordinary feeling. Seeing the smile on their face when they reach a goal or a fist pump in the air when they break a record. Lucky enough Richard has developed into a motivated gifted personnel, finding strengths in helping people, spotting individuality and adapting to bring out the best in all different types of people. Everybody has different perceptions on health and fitness and desires to accomplish different goals. Richard strive in helping and motivating people to achieve this; even bypassing it. Richard started his journey in college; completing my BTEC National Certificate which allowed him to excel onto University. After 3 years of hard work and the constant demand to adapt to, teach and guide different sports players to their goals and towards competitions, he was reward with B(Hons) Degree in Sports Coaching. The next step in his journey was to work and have the responsibility of Head Coach at a well-known Football Coaching Academy. It was important for him to keep on top of training regimes, diet plans and the constant adaptation to different players and their demands. Although this was a great position for Richard, he was offered a more superior temporary Coaching role in Marbella, Spain. Breaking and overcoming the language barrier itself was an achievement, as well as driving the sports players, motivating them and guiding them to success. After returning home from a successful and thrilling time abroad, he decided to come down the exercise and fitness pathway; expanding the audience in which he can help achieve goals and motivate to success. Richard attend college for a second time being rewarded with NVQ Level2 in Gym induction and NVQ Level 3 in Personal training. This has opened Richards eyes to the variety of clients and goals set by clients, helping him to adapt, progress in his skill as a personal trainer and most of all helping people to achieve their goals using structured training regimes and offering a wide knowledge of nutritional advice Qualifications
  • BTEC National Certificate in Sport
  • (Hons) Degree in Coach Education
  • NVQ Level 2 Exercise and Fitness & Gym induction
  • NVQ Level 3 Exercise and Fitness & Personal Training
  • Muscle Gain
  • Fat loss
  • Strength & Conditioning



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