V-Fit Training

V-Fit Training is a great way of bringing group training fitness together. At Verite Fitness we like to bring two type of group training together in a way of Bootcamp Courses or Group Training classes. Over the years at Verite Fitness we always encourage friends and family of clients to get invalid in training in a group environment as we find this a great way to have fun when training but also encouragement. As working in a group environment is more encoring and motivating with other clients in a class that makes you feel more part of a family in fitness than an individual.

V-Fit Bootcamp courses is a great way of getting into fitness from any level and taking you through a course that will allow you to gain fitness, strength and weight loss. So if you have a six-week window to get fit, lose weight or even gain muscle this is a great way to start your fitness journey (ideal for weddings or just before holidays).


Group Training is regular classes that run throughout the week with workouts that vary from class to class working mostly on strength & conditioning which is great way for improving fitness, fat loss and strength. These class run from mornings to evenings please look at our time take for more information or visit our group training page.

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