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Verite Fitness Online Personal Training offers you the opportunity to train with me from any location worldwide. Utilising my online platform, I can achieve excellent results. You can experience the full Verite Fitness program, featuring customised workouts designed to help you reach your goals. Don’t miss the chance to transform your body and life – start your journey with me today!

Online Personal Training

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Verite Online Training

Your Plan

At Verite Fitness, I understand the challenges of balancing work, family, and fitness. That’s why we tailor training plans that suit your lifestyle, whether you prefer working out at your local gym, need a routine for frequent travel, or prefer the convenience of exercising from home. As a business owner and family man myself, I recognise the struggle of finding time to prioritise fitness, even while living in the gym. That’s why I’m dedicated to curating a plan that you can religiously stick to in order to achieve your goals.

Why Use Online Training

Access your Program

Consistently following a training plan is essential for achieving optimal muscle growth to improve shape. With me, you have access to everything you need to succeed. Additionally, I offer recipe booklets to help you create delicious, nutritious meals. Investing in yourself is the best way to achieve your goals. Take the time to read my Verite Fitness Nutritional ebook and follow our plans to achieve the results you desire.

How to use Online Training

How it works?

Upon signing up, you will receive an email containing instructions for downloading our app services. This software, utilised by Verite Fitness, grants access to your 12-week program. Through the app, you can conveniently access your program on your smartphone or tablet anytime and anywhere. Our communication will be facilitated via WhatsApp, and we will conduct weekly 30-minute check-ins via Zoom.

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Workouts Plans

12 Week workout plan


Nutrition Plan

Nutrition plan designed to your goal


Progress Monitoring

Your progress is recording and result tracked


Direct Communication

Built-in messaging feedback and posting system

Online Personal Training

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Online Personal Training

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