How do I lose belly fat faster?

Like all the answers when it comes to Fat Loss. Eat Less Move More! It’s as simple as that. Bonous answer don’t drink too many sugerary drinks that includes alcohol  I’m afaid not just for the added calories but the effect it has on your body’s digestive system. Merry Christmas

Side Bends On A Hyperextension Bench My favourite exercise for my obliques is doing side bends on Hyperextension Bench. So give it ago next time your in the gym. All you need to do is lie sideways on the Hyperextension Bench (with your hips on the seat and your trunk unsupported. Adjust the seat so that your upper body can pivot comfortably at your hips toward the floor. Cross one leg over the other and secure your feet on the support platform. And dip your upper body down slowly sideways towards the floor as far as possible and comfortable. When your upper body is at least parallel to the floor flex your obliques hard as you return to your starting position. After completing the set, repeat the action with the other side. I tend to 3 sets of 15 on each side

I want a toned, aesthetic physique so I need to do lots of cardio? NO

So you want to achieve a fit, aesthetic toned physique! Lots of people think to achieve this you need to diet heavy and do lots of cardio with high reps if you decide to do resistance training. WRONG What is being toned and defined? It’s Muscle and the only way to achieve this is through building muscle. Half the classes in the fitness industry which you think will help you become toned or defined I.e body pump, will not give you results. A lot of people are scared when you mention building muscle but this is essential to build a toned aesthetic physique, or else if you diet down you won’t have any shape or definition. What will help you achieve this is a well all round structured weight lifting program working within a 8-12 rep range, 15 reps or higher is deemed as cardiovascular exercise and won’t grow your muscle it’ll have the opposite affect. Along with a suitable diet with a high protein intake to build and recover your muscle you will soon see noticeable shape and definition changes in your body. However this won’t happen overnight you need a good 12 weeks to begin start noticing change but once you start seeing he results this will make you hungry for more! We have lifting routines you can access on our online training HERE either online or with a personal trainer, this also includes nutritional support. Become what you were born to be today! Alan


Nobody should never feel intimidated or uncomfortable stepping foot in any gym. Ever. People go the gym to better themselves, no matter what their goal is. It doesn’t matter whether you want to lose a bit of weight, build muscle, or are training to improve your performance in a sport, everyone in the gym is looking for improvements. We are all in the same boat. One of the main reasons people who haven’t exercised in a gym before and end up avoiding them at all costs, is a fear of being judged or ridiculed. If this applies to you, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Everybody has felt like this at some point. Just remember, we all go to the gym to better ourselves. So don’t worry about the horrendous images you might have in your head – of grossly muscular men in awful vests with terrible haircuts, throwing heavy weights around and grunting all the time. This just isn’t the case in most gyms. Most gyms are actually really nice places to be and are full of caring and supportive people. Anything you are unsure about, ask a member of staff and they (should) be more than happy to give you any assistance you may need. So be brave, get stuck in and enjoy going to the gym and taking part in physical activity.  Don’t be intimidated, there is absolutely no reason to be. Plus, the chances are you’ll make some friends and get fitter and healthier on they way! Be all you can be. Sean

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What are some benefits of lifting weights?

There are lots of benefits from lifting weight like increasing strength, building muscle. Building muscle will create lean muscle tissue that will give you a better resting metabolic rate. So at rest your body will burn more calories. You can also increase your fitness as lifting heavy weights in complex moves or compound movements will recruit a lot of your muscles increasing oxygen to your muscles giving not only a good pump but a good cardio workout. So there are loads of benefits to lifting weights 💪 Christian

How do you get bigger arms with bicep curls?

A question posed to me “How do you get bigger arms with bicep curls? Well Bicep curls wouldn’t be my go to exercise to get bigger arm or even biceps as my muscle part for bigger arms as tricep have three parts of the upper arm and biceps only two. So for bigger arms I would focus more on my triceps for bigger arms. But the question is bigger arms doing bicep curls? Well time under tension or negative work and lifting heavy with good form while doing bicep curls would most effect way to building bigger arms while doing bicep curls 💪 Christian

How can I get motivated to start exercising?

If you think you need to ask this question to yourself think why you’re asking? Do you need to exercise? What will I gain from exercising? And what will I not gain by exercising? I always ask a question in everything in life I should and to find the answer I look at the positives & negatives and if the positives out way the negative there’s your answer. So to help you. The positives of exercising is 1.Energised. 2 lose weight. 3 become stronger. 4 be healthier. 5 look better for doing it. 6 improve confidence. 7 be fitter. 8. More likely to live longer. There’s 8 could probably come up with more. Right for the negatives 1. Can’t think of any?  if you can come with 9 excuse not to then you may find why it’s hard to motivate yourself! If not what more motivation you need? Christian


Most gyms offer fitness classes where groups of people can come together and exercise at the same time under the supervision of an instructor.  These classes are becoming increasingly popular, so what’s all the fuss about, and why should you get involved in them? Here’s 5 reasons why group classes are great: 1. You’ll follow the instructions of a trainer. No more thinking about what exercise to do next or how to do an exercise correctly, just follow the session and reap the rewards! 2. You’ll push yourself harder. If you train on your own, it’s quite easy to give in early or not push yourself as much as you should. In a class, you’re much more likely to work harder, and not give up! 3. You’ll feel part of a team. Taking part in a gym class can feel like a collective effort. From generally making friends and talking to other people in the class, to encouraging each other and pushing others to achieve their goals, it’s a great way of meeting new people! 4. Consistency is key. Classes tend to be on the same days and at the same times every week. Knowing you go to a class at these set times helps you develop the consistency needed to achieve any kind of health or fitness goal. As classes become habit and part of your weekly routine, you’ll get to the point where you’re lost if you miss a session! 5. You’ll enjoy it! Finishing a good/tough class will leave you with a great feeling. Knowing you’ve worked hard and pushed yourself alongside like minded people is superb, and you’ll walk out of the class in a great mood!! So there you are, gym classes are great – get involved! Be all you can be. Sean