Abs are made in the kitchen? Rubbish

Everywhere online you will see phrases such as:

“Abs are made in the kitchen”

” Gyming is 30% Diet 70% Exercise”

“Abs are made in the kitchen not the gym”

Total Rubbish and i’ll tell you why!

Abdominals we all have them, they’re an important part of the human anatomy and we require them to live and move normally!
So yes no matter what weight you are YOU ALREADY HAVE ABS whether you’ve been in the gym or not! What does differ between everyone is your abdominal progression and core strength which you make stronger by… surprise surprise….exercising and resistance training! Abdominals work like any other muscle group they require being put under stress and tension to tear down those muscle fibres, grow and become stronger creating more shape and definition giving you the shape you desire.

However what you need to see these abdominals is a low body fat percentage, you need to be LEAN with a minimal fat percentage of at least 16% you should begin to see some lines appearing around your torso!

Is this made in the kitchen…NO…..this is made from being in a caloric Deficit on enough calories a day to loose weight and lean up that’s it!

So if anything seeing your Abs are 50% Training and 50% Diet because if your diets not in check you’re not going to to see them..and if you don’t train that area and build some more shape and size you may look too skinny and not like the finished product.

  Have a great weekend guys


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