Is Hip Flexor Tightness restricting your mobility?

Is your hip flexors restricting your mobility in everyday life, when you squat or attempt any leg movement? These are also used in upper body movements such as overhead press and even a bench press!

Your hip flexors are a group of muscles situated at the top of your legs which attach your upper thigh to your hip, these muscles are involved in almost every movement we make.

These are called hip flexors because they cause flexion in the hip which initiates a bending movement around a joint in a limb. Hip flexion occurs when you raise your knee upwards, this shortens the angle of your thigh bone relevant to your hip joint.

  What causes hip tightness? It can have numerous contributing factors such as in activity and weakness in that area.

How can you combat hip mobility issues?
  • Strengthening
  • Stretching
They are the two main secrets strengthening will be in a resistance training program with these key exercises:
  • barbell back squats
  • barbell front squats
  • lunges
  • split squats
  • leg press
  • stiff-leg deadlifts
All these exercises will strengthen your legs, hip flexors and glutes.

Below are some hip flexor stretches to try!


remember stretching is just as important as any training, do these daily and prioritise the stretches that feel most affective


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