Sean is an incredible personal trainer who helps you achieve incredible results and attain your goals of improved health, fitness, toning and weight loss. Sean is dedicated to his clients and is extremely supportive. He demonstrates an extensive knowledge of all aspects of fitness, has studied to degree level and also has a number of professional qualifications. He takes time to explain each exercise in detail and also carefully monitors that you are correctly undertaking the exercises, to ensure that you do not injure yourself and also to ensure that you maximise the benefits of the training programme.

Really feeling the benefits of having 1-1 sessions I feel physically fitter and stronger through great couching. Also helping me change my eating habits has been a huge help to me. Thanks for your hard work and pushing me. Anthony Howe

We had a tough but rewarding cardio workout with Alan. Still suffering slightly, but good pain, so they tell us!! It’s really fab gym with top class personal trainers getting the best out of you. It’s worked wonders for our fitness levels and toned us up and dropped a dress size or 2. Alan is always so helpful and makes it fun at the same time. Pauline Easterbook

“Have made so much progress hear would recommend any of the three guys hear great lads great atmosphere great results.” Chris Jarvis

Today marks a full year I’ve trained with Vertie Fitness. @veritefitness These awesome guys pushed me all year at bootcamp. I’ve made some life long friends along they way. Bootcamp starts again today, for those out there looking for motivation, my experience says people are the key!!! Thanks Christian, Alan and Sean Jen Glover

Thanks to verite fitness and bigger thanks to my great personal trainer Sean Murphy! Given me the push I needed and a love of weight training and running. Laura Baxter

Great session with Alan. Left feeling like I had worked hard. Such a friendly place, I love going. Tina Davis Taylor

Couldn’t give you guys anything but 5*!! I have been training with Alan and I have to say the guy is amazing. He has helped me not only with my training needs but my diet and most importantly my self-confidence. He always pushes me to the next level in my sessions but we have a laugh and a joke at the same time. I can’t thank him enough for how much he has helped me. I would recommend Alan, Christian or Rich to anyone who wants to make a change in their life- I’m so glad I did. Thanks guys x  Debbie Lock

Didn’t think I would, but I have really enjoyed our training sessions with Alan. Feeling fitter and healthier.I would recommend Verite Fitness to anyone wanting to change to a healthier lifestyle. Mike Clements

I have been training at Verite with Sean for 8 months now. At the grand old age of 52 the challenge to lose weight is harder than ever. But, not only have I lost over a stone in weight and toned up, but my mental health and wellbeing has been transformed! Thanks Sean (and all at Verite Fitness) Louise Cope

Just Completed 20 sessions and so happy I decided to start ! I needed major motivation and couldn’t bear the thought of going the gym after gaining weight in america.I trained with all 3 guys and although they pushed me so hard ..We did have a laugh! Highly recommend these guys even if it’s just for some confidence ! Beth Mills

For the past couple of years I have been training at Verite fitness. Coming in I considered myself to be relatively fit, as I did quite a lot of running, although felt I needed additional inspiration .

I found the personal training provided by my instructor Alan informative. I was advised to add more variety and weight training into my workouts to help build more muscle. This along with advise on nutrition and calories I should consume based on my height and activity level, gave me the extra push I needed as well as helping me feel fitter and more toned.

Additionally as someone who has a gym class phobia, I nervously gave the Verite boot camp classes a try. This was a great decision as I do morning classes now whenever I can. The classes are a small group of friendly people and all at differing fitness levels. The classes change each week during the six week course offering plenty of diversity in each training session.

I have really felt the benefits from the expert advise I’ve been given, and recommend Verite fitness to all, including those Gymophobe’s like me. Tracey  Hughes

I was really pleased with my first session. I was listened to when I expressed if something hurt during a particular exercise, and given an alternative. I was encouraged throughout the session but wasn’t pushed beyond my limits. I am confident that I will see results during my course and know that I will continue on at Verite Fitness. Megan Handley

If there was more than 5 stars I would give it! I can’t recommend Sean highly enough. He really knows his stuff. For anyone who is thinking about making that first step (which is the hardest) to get fitter/shed weight, you will not be disappointed. Lynne Campbell

Both Christian and Alan are Excellent personal trainers. John Cackett

As ever, Christian & Richard put up with our complaining whilst giving us firm encouragement to do the best we can. We all (three of us) are seeing the benefits and despite it being hard work for us, we look forward to every single session. Thank you Guys! Karen Potter

I struggle to think of enough superlatives to do Verite Fitness justice. Christian does much more than the average personal trainer. I trained with Christian for a year before he noticed that I had a back problem. The fact that he noticed this is testament to the attention he pays during training. After returning from surgery Christian then worked closely with my doctor to help strengthen my back. I also went to a physio at this time however Verite Fitness honestly provided a better rehabilitation programme than a qualified physio. I owe Verite Fitness a lot- without it I could have been disabled. If you want a personal trainer who is passionate about his job and who genuinely cares about his customers rather than the pound signs then I advise you to go here. You would be on a fruitless search to find a better personal trainer. Tom O’Malley

Where to begin? Christian trained me for the 2012 Mad Dog 10K, and what a great job he did! I lost 3st in weight, and went from struggling to run for two minutes, to running 56min 10k. He covered diet, technique, strength, endurance, stamina and psychology. I saw Emma when I was having difficulty with my calf muscles; she gave me a wonderful sports massage, I left feeling great, and it did the trick. What a wonderful combination; two wonderfully skilled and special people who have the ability to help change your life for the better. Iian Wright

Verite fitness is an excellent place to get your fitness goals sorted. After my personal training sessions with Christian, I managed to get 11 minutes of my marathon time AND run a second marathon 4 weeks later! AND I am back for more! Tarek Hany

Christian is an excellent personal trainer who has great understanding of fitness and nutrition .. He has helped me enormously culminating in completing tough mudder 12 mile assault course this year!! Cheers Peter Finch

Have trained with Christian for over three years now. He tailors each session to meet my personal needs and mood!! Christian kept me fit, healthy and active throughout my pregnancy and snapped me back into shape safely after giving birth too. Keeps me motivated and provides loads of practical advice on making realistic and manageable healthy lifestyle choices too. He’s super! Emma keeps my toes looking all pretty, eyebrows in shape and gives the best massages ever! Bliss and relaxation at it best! xx Divina Aspinall

It has always been my ambition to join the Police, although passing the strength test was holding me back. Having failed twice it was my last chance to really be proactive and give myself the best chance to pass, so I got in touch with Alan Fitton. Through his professional guidance and support during my personal training sessions I have now achieved my goal. In a relatively short space of time i went from very little upper body strength to being able to exceed the police test requirements. Our sessions were always fun, always different and extremely motivational. Alan helped to build my confidence and make me believe in my ability to pass. I now have a real passion for weight training and pushing myself to be the best i can be. Alan has helped me not only to physically change shape but to also change my outlook on leading a healthy lifestyle and training in general. I would 100% recommend alan to anyone wanting to achieve their fitness goals. Hayley Moss

Am training with the guys there, and so far, it’s amazing, I’m loving every minute, it’s inspirational and exhilarating and I look forward to the sessions. I’m now armed with new things to do at my own gym. Thankyou guys. Colette Dutton

Great session!! These lads are top trainers!! A* Chris Mashall

Glad I chose Verite! I asked to be pushed and Richard knows how far to push. He is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic and his enthusiasm rubs off on me, ensuring that I try that little bit harder whereas, if I had been training in a gym on my own, I would not have pushed myself. I look forward to meeting my targets by first week in September! Thank you 🙂 Coral Armitstead

Encouraging and I feel I have support to reach my goal! Thanks Terri Raby

Just getting into healthy living and trying to sort my body out and get in shape and I have got to say, it is worth every penny. No intimidation like at the gym. But fantastic one on one training and support and encouragement. This is totally what I needed. I really am so happy thank you so much. Mark Anthony Tedin

Been training with christian for 4 plus years now, it all started with just a few sessions to get some new ideas. Once i started though i was hooked, seeing my fitness improve greatly with christians training and nutritional advice. Its been a great journey to see what im capable of, i recommend him highly if you want to see great results and gain a new,positive outlook on your fitness. The other trainers Alan and Richard are great and push you hard too. Ian Hill

Only done 4 session so far but so glad I decided to go to verite fitness, already feeling fitter and healthy in myself, my mindset has completely changed for the better regarding food and exercise, I’ve got a long road ahead of me but for once I feel positive about getting there, I have trained with Christian, Alan and Laura, they are all understanding, friendly and knowledgeable, I’ve never felt comfortable in a gym setting but going to verite makes me feel comfortable and confident, I would and have recommended to anyone and everyone of all fitness levels. Sarah Hodge

Been member for 5 years, the longest period of time I have been committed to any training establishment.

My membership has enabled me to remain committed to my training regime, when I first joined Verite Fitness I was working extremely hard in a very stressful job for 2 years I participated in a personal training programme. This improved myself confidence to such a large degree that I was eventually able to move into a group training situation, something I still take part in plus enjoy immensely.

The training I do has become a way of life for me, all the trainers at Verite Fitness are professional and dedicated people. I love it! Pauline Huddy

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