Pauline Huddy
I have been a member for 5 years – the longest period of time I have been committed to any training establishment. My membership has enabled me to remain committed to my training regime. When I first joined Verite Fitness, I was working extremely hard in a very stressful job.  For 2 years I participated in a personal training programme which improved my self-confidence to such a large degree that I was eventually able to move into a group training session – something I still take part in and enjoy immensely. The training I do has become a way of life for me. All the trainers at Verite Fitness are professional and dedicated people. I love it! Sarah Hodge Only done 4 sessions so far but I am so glad I decided to go to Verite Fitness. I am already feeling fitter and healthier and my mindset has completely changed for the better regarding food and exercise. I’ve got a long road ahead, but for once I feel positive about getting there. I have trained with Christian, Alan and Laura – they are all understanding, friendly and knowledgeable. I’ve never felt comfortable in a gym setting but going to Verite Fitness makes me feel comfortable and confident. I would recommend to anyone and everyone of all fitness levels.
Mark Anthony Tedin
I am just getting into healthy living and trying to sort my body out and get in shape and I have got to say, it is worth every penny. No intimidation like at the gym, but fantastic one on one training, support and encouragement. This is totally what I needed. I really am so happy thank you so much.
Colette Dutton 
I am training with the guys there, and so far, it’s amazing, I’m loving every minute. It’s inspirational and exhilarating and I look forward to the sessions. I’m now armed with new things to do at my own gym. Thank you guys.
Chris Marshall
Great session! These lads are top trainers! A*
Terri Raby 
Encouraging and I feel I have support to reach my goal! 
Megan Handley 
I was really pleased with my first session. When expressing that something hurt during a particular exercise, I was listened to and given an alternative. I was encouraged throughout the session but wasn’t pushed beyond my limits. I am confident that I will see results during my course and know that I will continue at Verite Fitness.
Beth Mills 
I’ve just completed 20 sessions and I’m so happy I decided to start! I needed major motivation and couldn’t bear the thought of going to the gym after gaining weight in America. I trained with all 3 guys and although they pushed me so hard, we had a laugh! Highly recommend these guys, even if it’s just for some confidence!
Chris Jarvis 
I have made so much progress here and would recommend any of the three trainers – great lads, great atmosphere, great results!
Jen Glover
Today marks a full year of training at Verite Fitness, whereby these awesome guys have pushed me through bootcamp! I’ve made life long friends along the way. People are the key!