How many calories are you drinking? #alcohol

Right I’m going to hit a sore subject Alcohol…do you realise how many calories you could be drinking? Everyone likes to have a drink now and then, whether it’s a social gathering or maybe your having a stressful time at work and your having a glass or two of wine when you get home to unwind. you know that you could be actually in fact drinking the same amount of calories as an evening meal? I’m going to throw some numbers below of popular drinks Single serving of wine: from 130-240 calories per glass! Depending on what wine you have A pint of beer: 170-330 calories again depending on lager or bitter and alcohol content. Bottle of Alcopop: 200 calories Pint of cider: 200 calories So if your trying to lose weight food may not even be the problem it could be what your drinking! Again it bottles down to (bottles down to…stop it haha!) tracking your calories on everything your taking in to be in a caloric deficit and drop those pounds! Not to mention excessive drinking can lead to high blood pressure the onset of diabetes and increases chances of a heart arrack. So like everything in life drinking should be done in moderation!

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