I want a toned, aesthetic physique so I need to do lots of cardio? NO

So you want to achieve a fit, aesthetic toned physique! Lots of people think to achieve this you need to diet heavy and do lots of cardio with high reps if you decide to do resistance training. WRONG What is being toned and defined? It’s Muscle and the only way to achieve this is through building muscle. Half the classes in the fitness industry which you think will help you become toned or defined I.e body pump, will not give you results. A lot of people are scared when you mention building muscle but this is essential to build a toned aesthetic physique, or else if you diet down you won’t have any shape or definition. What will help you achieve this is a well all round structured weight lifting program working within a 8-12 rep range, 15 reps or higher is deemed as cardiovascular exercise and won’t grow your muscle it’ll have the opposite affect. Along with a suitable diet with a high protein intake to build and recover your muscle you will soon see noticeable shape and definition changes in your body. However this won’t happen overnight you need a good 12 weeks to begin start noticing change but once you start seeing he results this will make you hungry for more! We have lifting routines you can access on our online training HERE either online or with a personal trainer, this also includes nutritional support. Become what you were born to be today! Alan

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