Love Running? Suffer with Injuries? Read this!!

If you like myself and love running, you’ll always find that time in your day to put your trainers on and get out in the fresh air and smash some miles in. Tuning without a doubt is great for your fitness and burning calories, but most importantly getting your Endorphins (natural happy drug). But sometimes when we’re in are running zone ticking off 10k races and the odd half marathon or even a marathon. We start getting recurring injuries that stop are progress, put us some uncomfort and the worse having an effect on our loving passion as it’s not enjoyable anymore. At some stage we’ve all been there and then go and spend loads on physio‘ stock help your body to repair from injuries that had been caused by running. But in some case may mean a long lay off and that only brings on weight gain because of lack of calories being burnt and feeling down as no happy endorphins. We can help avoid this if we look at doing strength & conditioning. Most runners I talk to do none or little strength & conditioning training which always puzzles me on why not? As when you running and burning calories you breaking down muscle fibres and putting strain on your joints. All top athletes like Mo Farah do this training well all our Olympic athletes we look up to do this hence why they can put there body through so much Year in Year out. Also there is the nutrition side and recovery but there’s no underlining that strength & conditioning plays a big role on why they can starve through injuries as they constantly rebuilding muscle tissue and strengthening there tendons. So if you find you suffer with recurring injuries and not doing strength & conditioning I would highly recommend this type of training. More info on strength & conditioning training follow this link Strength & Conditioning

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