The definition of misinformation is: False or inaccurate information, especially that which is deliberately intended to deceive. This is especially relevant in today’s internet reliant world. The internet and social media is a wonderful thing. It allows us all access to an endless amount of information and knowledge, and also lets us keep up to date with our family and friends on a daily basis. However, a lot of what you read, watch or listen to online is complete rubbish. The fitness industry is no different. It’s full of misinformation. From poor lifestyle advice to false body images, to fitness ‘experts’ (who haven’t got a clue) to nutritional ‘specialists’ (they’re probably not), it’s like the wild west out there in the online fitness world. Nobody is perfect, least of all myself. But it’s becoming more and more common now for people to say “well I saw this on Instagram”, or a “fitness blogger said to do this”. Great. But how does that apply to you? ANSWER: It probably doesn’t. In some cases, these social media fitness ‘superstars’ are well educated, superb physical specimens with a wealth of knowledge and experiance, who give, honest useful information which will help the people who look up to them for advice or inspiration. These are the people you should be ‘following’, ‘liking’ or ‘subscribing’ to if that’s what you’re in to. In most cases however, people who are preaching online or giving out advice to anyone stupid enough to listen, are nothing short of con artists. They might be a ‘sponsored athlete’, ‘look good’ or do lots of ‘different’, ‘exciting’ exercises, but the reality is they are either just as clueless as the next person, or are deliberately trying to entice you into buying some kind of completely pointless product they are being ‘sponsored’ to sell. They often have no relevant qualifications, no experience of dealing with anybody but themselves, and will fill uninformed minds with false information in order for more ‘likes’ or ‘followers’. It’s embarrassing. Also, just because someone has a discount code for a product on their social media bio doesn’t mean it’s a worthwhile investment. In 99.9% of cases it will be a complete waste of your time. If you’ve got spare money to throw down the toilet, do that, instead of funding these people and the companies that are selling this utter garbage . Or, even better, give it to charity. At least then it’s going to a worthwhile cause and could make a big difference in the real world. So, when looking for advice or information on training, nutrition or generally leading a healthier lifestyle, look for real, genuine, qualified people with actual life experience and who only have YOUR best interests at heart. The chances are anyone else is wasting your time, money and effort. Rant over. Be all you can be. Sean

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