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Fat loss is one of the top priorities by many people when they are beginning their fitness journey. Most people try slimming clubs, restriction diets and the latest fad weight loss products, and when they discover that these methods don’t promote healthy, maintainable results, they drop back into old eating and lifestyle habits.  This is why at Verite Fitness, we make sure you understand that regular exercise and a healthy diet is the best option for everyone.

The secret to effective fat loss is a consistent and structured weight training program and an individually calculated nutritional framework that allows you to create a healthy, realistic and sustainable way of eating. At Verite Fitness, you will receive all these factors and also have the added advantage of having a Personal Trainer on hand to make sure you’re on track and to keep you accountable.  We want you to achieve great results as much as you do.

When you come in for your initial consultation with one of our personal training team, they will take you through a medical questionnaire. After this, they will take your measurements (waist, hips etc), weigh you and also take your photograph. This is our starting point. Then, every week we will fill in a progress tracker form recording your results from week to week. We have found that this is the best way of keeping people accountable.

Each training program we have created is 12 weeks long. At the end of each 12 weeks, you will have your measurements and photo taken again and we can show you your progress from when you first started training with us. Even though each program is 12 weeks long, that doesn’t mean you can only train with us for 12 weeks. We have many clients who have been part of Verite Fitness for many years. Remember, results are addictive!

Start your fat loss journey today, and let us help you achieve the results you really want.

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