What’s the point of Carbohydrates?

  What are Carbs? They are sugars and starches which the body converts into Energy which then helps you function normally, you need a certain amount of carbs to maintain normal bodily functions. If you starve the body you can experience fatigue, muscle cramps and a very tired/drained mental state. The body can survive of proteins and fats however this will eventually have a negative affect on your body. You should be eating an amount of Carbohydrates to keep your body fuelled and working affectively. There are two different types of carbs, Complex and Simple Carbs; Simple Carbs: These are Processed carbs usually very high in sugar and often give you a quick influx of energy however doesn’t keep you full or energised for a long time, this is often where you get your “Sugar Rush” from. Examples; sugar, white pasta and bread Complex Carbs: These are slower digesting and will keep you fuller and energised for longer periods of time Examples: unrefined grains, whole grain breads, rice and oats How do you digest Carbs? Your liver digests these into glucose, which then stimulates the production of insulin in the pancreas. The insulin functions to get the glucose into the body cells to be used as energy. Simple carbs create a higher level of insulin than complex carbs therefore the simple carbs are used faster where as the complex carbs are used slower resulting in longer lasting energy!   So in a nut shell the more complex carbs you eat the higher amount of energy your going to have for a longer period of time. However still with any type of carbohydrate if you eat more than what your body requires it is going to be stored as energy formally known as fat.    

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