Why not make a Lifestye change rather than a temporary fix?

Recently I’m seeing the same question everywhere online… “How can I lose belly fat in 3 weeks?” “How can I lose a stone in 5 weeks?” “How can I lose weight off my waist in a month?” These are all un-realistic goals the only way you could loose such weight is putting your body in an extreme caloric deficit and your not only going to lose some fat but also develop a lot of muscle wastage, feel drained and tired everyday and for the most m, it won’t be maintainable! A lot of people resort to weight loss shakes which do exactly the same thing they put you on three shakes a day at around 250 calories each giving you a total of 750 calories a day. Now imagine if your deficit is at a 20% loss is 1200 calories that’s still a major deficit however your down a further 450 calories!  Now if you started 3 months sooner you could achieve a safer way of dieting keeping to 1200 calories loosing 1-2 pounds a week. This is much safer and maintainable way of losing weight, you won’t feel drained and you won’t want to binge by simply tracking your calories. Now let’s look at the bigger picture why not stay fitter and healthier all year round year upon year so you don’t need to crash diet! What would you need to do? Simple to get your desired weight through a deficit explained above then once your at this weight you can eat more to maintain that weight at your maintenance calories!  Through tracking your calories to lose weight gradually you will learn what foods are high in calories and begin to make better choices which then educates you on how to make better choices going forwards! Lastly do you have to exercise ? No… But is is beneficial? HELL YES Cardiovascular exercise strengthens and improves your aeorobic capacity..which basically means your heart and lungs are more efficient at supplying your body with blood and oxygen thusfore being fitter! Weight training builds muscle which improves posture, strength and everyday functionality.  BUILDING MUSCLE ALSO MEANS YOU GET TO EAT MORE. Yes building muscle means your body needs extra calories and nutrients to maintain that muscle thusfore enabling you to eat more 🙂 Training also burns calories so if your trying to lose weight it will get you to your goal quicker, with the Right balance of cardio and weight training this will help tighten and tone your body aswell as improving your fitness. What you waiting for? GO GET STARTED!! Alan Fitton Head Pt @veritefitness 

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