Why should I bother strengthening my shoulders? 

Why is it important to build and strengthen your shoulder muscles? Your shoulder is actually one of the least stable joints in your body and because of this you should make sure strengthening the shoulders (Deltoids) is part of your training regime. There is one large muscle covering the shoulder socket with three heads these are:
  • Anterior Delt (front)
  • Lateral Delt (side)
  • Posterior Delt (back)
The rotator cuff is what stabilises the shoulder joint which has four smaller muscles which are:
  • subscapularis
  • supraspinatus
  • infraspinatus
  • teres minor
Strengthening these muscles will:
  • Improve posture
  • Strengthen the muscle surrounding the shoulder joint 
  • Increase mobility
  • Decrease chances of injury due to instability 
  • Improve everday tasks and activities 
Where a lot of people go wrong who allready train is they neglect the back of the shoulder. This can give instability, worsen your posture and lead to injury so below are some exercises for a well rounded shoulder workout:
  1. Barbell Overhead press
  2. Dumbbell Arnold press
  3. Front raise
  4. Lateral raise
  5. Reverse fly
  6. Upright row 
  7. Face cable pulls 
So what’s your excuse? Get training shoulders! Alan Fitton-Head PT

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