Why should you be Squatting?

Squatting is one of the most beneficial exercises when either attempting to lose weight or build muscle.


When you squat you almost engage every muscle in your body, if your trying to lose weight your goal should be to try and engage as many muscles as you can as the more you engage the more calories are burnt. This is a functional movement which you will use more than you realise in everyday life.

At the same time if your trying to build muscle the effect heavy squatting has on the nervous system enables you to build a good portion muscle in a short amount of time. This movement also can trigger anabolic stimulation which releases the chemicals Testosterone and HGH (human growth hormone) which enables muscle development for the entire body!

Why would you want to build more muscle? building a pound of muscle amounts to around 50-70 cals additional burnt a day! So if you’re attempting to lose weight this is a long lasting way of increasing your bodies required caloric intake with a controlled caloric intake will promote weight loss.

This movement will also assist strengthen and thicken your ligaments and tendons in your knee, ankle and hip joints enabling your joints to take more pressure, giving you the less likelihood of injury in these important areas.

Last but not least! Do you want to fill out your jeans? the squat is the perfect exercise to grow your legs in a proportionate way, building your Glutes (bum), Quads (fronts of your legs) and Hamstrings (back of your legs), giving you the toned, slender legs everyone will envy!!


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