How can I get motivated to start exercising?

If you think you need to ask this question to yourself think why you’re asking? Do you need to exercise? What will I gain from exercising? And what will I not gain by exercising? I always ask a question in everything in life I should and to find the answer I look at the positives & negatives and if the positives out way the negative there’s your answer. So to help you. The positives of exercising is 1.Energised. 2 lose weight. 3 become stronger. 4 be healthier. 5 look better for doing it. 6 improve confidence. 7 be fitter. 8. More likely to live longer. There’s 8 could probably come up with more. Right for the negatives 1. Can’t think of any?  if you can come with 9 excuse not to then you may find why it’s hard to motivate yourself! If not what more motivation you need? Christian

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