My Jorney To 12 Week Transformation

In just over 3 years now I went from a consistent weight of 11st 6lbs at 5ft 11ins with a body fat to not my heaviest at 11st 8lbs but clearly out of shape. So if you look at the three images of me the left is what was my consistent shape at 11st 6-8lbs and the middle image is me at 11st 8lbs but clearly out of shape. So what happened why did I get so out of shape? Well the answer to that is LIFE. In 2015 was a huge year in my life and one I’ll never forget all the stresses and emotions you can have in life happened all in this one year. First my dad who was suffering with cancer at stage 4 with skin cancer took a turn for the worse in February that year. We had learnt about my dads cancer in February 2014 and which came as massive shock to us all in the family as my dad never got ill and to find out he had this horrible disease that unfortunately most people some way or another will be touched with if it’s family member or friend or worse yourself. That was the beginning of shock that my dad who I had so much respect for and love was really ill and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Until one day I was asked to do a talk on the benefits of fitness at a talk event about prostate cancer and was asked to talk about how to keep fit and exercise which would be good for anyone suffering with prostate cancer. Now you may not be aware of is that most men that suffer with prostate cancer suffers this in later stage of life (not always) but in this room as was faced talking to an older generation of men. So which a lot of them detached from conversation of exercises as that was not for all but most men that were there not a big intreats. There was also another guest speaker there a highly qualified nutritionalist from the NHS and she was talking about having a lot of fruit, vegetables, fibres foods, grains and  beans. Very much a plant based diet. I was always on high protein diet i mean really high. I would recommend most my clients as personal trainer one that holds a nutritional certificate qualification that a high protein diet is the way to go like most trainers and fitness experts would say. After giving my talk and listening to the nutritionist I went to speak to her after the event and we chatted about nutrition and she told me about a book called “The China Study” and that I should give it a read. Anyway at the time I didn’t give too much of a thought. But with my dads health and the fact I couldn’t help him it was something when I could find the time I should look into. In August I did a bike ride for clatterbridge cancer centre with Ride of the Roses with my brother in-law and old school friend and they were telling me about this guy who is a vegan and a very keen cyclist. Well a few days after that bike ride for clatterbridge cancer centre my brother in-law sent me a video of YouTube about this Australian cyclist vegan guy explaining the benefits of going vegan. So I listened and he brought up some good statements of why a vegan diet is so good for you! So I thought why not lets have ago and I’m a very committed guy when it comes to committing to diet or anything in life. So for six months I followed a vegan diet and after reading plenty of books and one of them being the CHINA STUDY. I learnt of the benefits and especially the benefits of not eating animal products if you’re suffering with cancer. So obviously I got my dad on the diet and to be honest it was having a positive effect on him but sadly he didn’t win his battle and passed away on March the 4th of 2015. Even with this I was still convinced that my dad being at grade 4 skin cancer he was to far down the line to save no matter what his diet was and all treatment he went through and his age. So I kept to it well at vegetarian level. Also the year my dad past myself and my girlfriend of many years bought are first house the house I grew up in my mum and dad’s house. Which buying a house is stressful but happy time, it was more sad as my dad had passed and the joy of getting our own house was not the joy it should have been. And just after a couple of weeks we found out Emma my girlfriend Emma was pregnant which consider the loss of my dad was a big boost to myself and Emma plus my family. But we always discussed that we would get married before we had children and old fashion thing these days but thats what we wanted. So 7 weeks later we got married and in December we had a baby girl Yves Verite. So yes in one year I lost my dad, bought a house, got married and had a baby. So life changed dramatically for myself and Emma. So fast forward 2017 August time my wife Emma got herself into training and strict nutrition plan as since giving birth to Yves she had not been training probably just like myself since my dads passing. And after trying to get into a training plan and seeing my wife doing so well I knew it was time for me to get back into it myself. So I put together a four day weight training plan together and committed to two 5k runs a week. I have kept to this for 13 weeks now with a small change to my weigh training program. I also decided to go back to eating meat as I had noticed loss of strength muscle and weight. Plus my shape had changed, don’t get me wrong I hadn’t trained properly for a very long time. So it wasn’t all down to not eating meat. But as you can see from the photos what a change my body has gone though in 12 weeks. But not saying its just down to eating meat its been down to myeline style and the fact I’ve stuck to eating the same type of foods in particular order part from weekends and things like weddings. But I have been very consistent with my diet and training programme. So the point of this blog post is all it comes down to is sticking closely as you can to a diet plan and a training plan and you can make big changes to your body and trust me it’s not that hard. I will be posting my diet plan and training routine on my blog, so you can see if its something you introduce into your lifestyle and “BE WHAT YOU WERE BORN TO BE” Christian

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